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Willamette National Forest

Willamette National Forest

The forest's dominant tree species is the Douglas-fir, the state tree of Oregon. Douglas-fir is a valuable timber species in the United States. The forest contains some stands of old-growth forest, some of which are over 300ft tall, among the tallest trees in the world, with tree diameters ranging from 3 to 8ft. A 1993 Forest Service study estimated that the extent of old growth in the forest was 594800acre.

Over one dozen other conifer species are common in the forest, including western redcedar, incense-cedar, western white pine, ponderosa pine, Pacific yew, western hemlock, mountain hemlock, and several species of fir. The Willamette National Forest is home to over 300 species of fish and wildlife, including the northern spotted owl, mule deer, bald eagle, Chinook salmon, black-tailed deer, bull trout, black bear, cougar, southern red-backed vole, elk, wolverine, and several other sensitive and threatened species.