Flights From Cairns International Airport, Cairns

VA V Australia

Flight from Cairns(CNS) to Moscow(MOW)

Destination :MOW

Airline : V Australia

JQ Jetstar

Flight from Cairns(CNS) to Bangkok(BKK)

Destination :BKK

Airline : Jetstar

QF Qantas Airways

Flight from Cairns(CNS) to Hamilton Island(HTI)

Destination :HTI

Airline : Qantas Airways



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Cairns Information

Cairns, is a city in tropical Far North Queensland and is viewed as the entryway to Australia's Great Barrier Reef. Its Aboriginal Cultural Park recounts the tales of indigenous Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals with music and move. Cairns Esplanade, lined in bars and eateries, has a swimming tidal pond. Northwest of the city, Daintree National Park traverses precipitous rainforest, crevasses and terrific shorelines.

Visit Cairns for the Great Barrier Reef and Wet Tropics World Heritage Rainforest, yet don't miss the colossal activities in and around town. You'll discover splendid bistros, clamoring markets and a lot of shorelines close-by. Unwind by a resort pool or spend your days investigating this tropical desert garden. An unquestionable requirement is to investigate the reef, get a contract to take you out scuba jumping or notwithstanding swimming. You will before long end up mind blow at the excellence of this submerged world. The Great Barrier reef is certainly one place to put on your movement basin list and a rare ordeal that you will always remember with is submerged world highlighted on my documentaries


Cairns: The average annual maximum temperature is 29°C (84.2°F), with 62% humidity. Plan ahead with our information on temperature and rainfall. During summer in Cairns, average temperatures range from 23.6 - 31.4°C (74.5 - 88.5°F).

When is the best time to fly to Cairns?

Peak Season:

The peak tourist season in Cairns falls between June and August during the Cairns winter. As like peak periods in most tourist destinations, you will find the cost of Cairns accommodation and tours will be at full price.

Off peak Season:

From September to December, the climate starts warming up once more, yet springtime is an enjoyment, with blossoming vegetation and a lot of creature movement, making it the ideal time to visit parks, greenery enclosures and natural life attractions. The Reef springs to existence with the yearly coral bringing forth occasion and the fowls experience their brilliant mating ceremonies. While daytime temperatures frequently achieve 30 degrees Celsius (with a normal low of around 21 degrees Celsius), these are regularly trailed by a stormy night that makes for a fabulous lightning-charged feature.

Places to stay

Cairns and surrounding areas offer plenty of different types of accommodation to suit any budget. Use our search tool above to multiple sites and show you the best prices. It is simple to use, just enter the destination, the dates of your stay and number of people and let the search tool do the work for you. Once you find your ideal place simply click on the deal and get taken directly to the booking site we found the deal with.

Attractions to see around Cairns

Cairns offers plenty of amazing things to see and do when you vacationing. Use our activity search tool to find and book some amazing adventures that you will always remember. Here is a few top attractions that you can do.

Daintree Rainforest

The Daintree rainforest in Tropical North Queensland Australia is a standout amongst the most differing and excellent precedents of Mother Natures work on the planet and all are found inside a zone of around 1200 square kilometers - the biggest lump of ensured tropical rainforest in Australia. This biologically one of a kind rainforest is home to the most broad scope of uncommon plants and creatures on earth.

Great Barrier Reef

The reef boat journey can take from 45 minutes to 90 minutes dependant on your island destination and that will give you around two hours of snorkelling and scuba diving adventure. Day trips usually leave Cairns or Port Douglas at about 8am and return to Cairns at 5:30pm.p>

On the Great Barrier Reef, you can dive all year-round, although the best conditions for diving are from late August to early December. For live aboard diving, the best time to go is July through November. In the Coral Sea, the visibility is best in June and in September.

Wildlife Encounters

There are plenty of places to get up close and personal with the wildlife in Far North Queensland, it just depends what type of wildlife encounter you are after. There are many zoos and wildlife parks in the region specializing in Australian animals, butterflies, birds and reptiles, each one worthy of a visit.

At that point there are a scope of crocodile travels on the Daintree River, daily guided rainforest strolls to spot nighttime creatures, watercraft travels to the Great Barrier Reef, glass base vessel and semi-submersible submarine travels to watch the marine life on the reef and even a turtle restoration focus where you can visit the turtles experiencing recovery.