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Frequently asked questions



Frequently Asked


Contact the agency or airline through which you bought the air ticket. Details will be reported to the air ticket sellers.

For different airlines and tariffs, there are different rules for the return and modification of air ticket information. More information can be obtained directly from the agency or airline through which you purchased

The conditions for refunding a ticket depend on a large number of factors: - airline - tariff - for what time before departure is the return - the policy of the agency. All this information is available in the tariff information. You can get acquainted with it directly in the process of booking a particular air ticket on the website of the agency or airline.

Without a passport, you can safely fly tickets for flights Lufthansa, WizzAir, EasyJet, AirBerlin. As a rule, if you need a foreign passport number to purchase tickets, you can change it, and the Latin name is often impossible. Therefore, first select the air ticket that you like, and then call the agency or airline that sell it. Specialists will help you with this issue. Details are described here.

Unfortunately no. In our search, agencies offer tickets only with clear dates of departure and return.

Aviasales has been working on the air ticket market since 2007. For 8 years we have developed a practice of scrutinizing companies with which we cooperate. All agencies in our search can be trusted.

To check the ticket agency for reliability, you can use our service reliably.

You can always book and buy a ticket in another convenient way for you: - electronic money WebMoney, Yandex.Money - in the terminal Qiwi - in the salons of communication Euroset, Svyaznoy.

On average, favourable ticket prices appear 90 days before departure. The closer the departure date, the more expensive the tickets. Especially the increase in prices is noticeable during the holidays and the summer season. In this case, tickets must be bought as soon as possible.

Most likely the payment simply was not written off from your card, and the money is frozen in the bank. As a standard, Russian banks hold a frozen amount within 30 calendar days, if there are no requests from your or other party for the transaction. To expedite the refund and unfreeze them from your account, you must apply for an unblocking application directly to your bank.

Our contact phone is 8 (800) 775-02-19.

How to book a flight without payment is described in detail here .

In general, the service of transportation of unaccompanied children is a service for parents who send their child one to another city. When registering the service, an airline employee will personally escort the child to the side of the aircraft, give it to the crew, and at the airport of arrival another representative of the company will hand over the child from hand to hand to those who meet. To order transportation of an unaccompanied child, you need to at least 3 days before the flight departure. In order to send a child alone in an airplane:

You can use the Low Cost Calendar . Check all the possible months and the desired duration of the trip to find the best tickets. Green color highlighted the cheapest options. Click on them and find out more about the found offers.

Often buying tickets through the agency is cheaper than through the airline itself. The fact that agents buy tickets from airlines in bulk, respectively, the cost with a significant discount. Someone has more, some have less. More airlines cooperate with different reservation systems on different terms and sell tickets at different rates. Together with the mark-up of the reservation system itself, completely different prices are obtained.

On the website of many airlines and agencies you can book airline tickets without payment. The time of booking depends on the airline and the date of departure. For example, if you fly out the other day, the reservation is held for 24 hours. Immediately after the completion of the booking you will see when the deadline for cancellation of the reservation.

To monitor the change in prices for the direction of interest, subscribe to the mailing list. To do this, enter an e-mail and click "Keep track of the price" to the right of the search results. After that, a letter will come to your mail with a link to activate the subscription. While the subscription is not activated, you will not receive a mail with the newsletter.

You can compose a complex route on the Aviasales main page. To do this, click on "to compose a complex route" under the search. Such a route is necessary when the arrival and departure points on the way back do not coincide (for example, Moscow-Rome, then Milan-Moscow) or during flights between different cities on the same trip (for example, Moscow-Bangkok-Denpasar-Sydney).

Transportation of animals in the plane is governed by the rules of the airlines. Each carrier has its own. It is absolutely permissible to carry animals in a plane from Vueling, AirBaltic, AirBerlin, Germanwings, Virgin America. It is forbidden to bring pets on flights AirAsia, Ryanair, EasyJet, Fly Dubai, WizzAir. Tariffs check with the airline. Also do not forget to prepare the animal for the journey .

There are two options. First - at the check-in counter at point A, you are immediately given out boarding passes for all the transfer points. Your luggage will also reach the final point of your flight. Second - at the front desk you get a boarding pass for the first part of the trip. In the next paragraph you will need to re-register for the flight. Baggage will proceed either to the final point or you will meet it at the transfer point and register again. In any case, the details need to be found out when registering for a flight at the airport.

Everything depends on the country of transit. If you fly from Russia to the destination country and transfer in the destination country, then, of course, you can get off the airport and explore the city. But some other countries require for transit to the city to issue a transit visa, for example, in the US, Canada or Australia. Therefore, study the rules of transit in a country where you have a long transfer.

Our low airfare calendar will help you with just that. It allows you to search up to a year ahead to show you which month has the lowest airfare prices. You can then zoom in to the month to see the day that deal is. Please note airfare prices change all the time so please plan and book your tickets well in advance.

As a rule, all airlines are allowed to carry free folding light stroller for free with a child up to two years of age, and in some airlines, the carriage is allowed to transport also for older children (sometimes free of charge, sometimes the stroller is accepted as luggage). If the carriage is transported for free, the stroller may be limited in weight and size to the sum of three measurements. For example, in International the weight of the stroller is allowed up to 20 kg, and in domestic transit the weight of the stroller should not be more than 4.5 kg, the size not exceeding 53 * 27 * 97 cm. Depending on the internal rules of the airline, the carriage must be delivered at the check-in counter, Before entering the sleeve or before boarding an aircraft, or you can take it with you to the aircraft cabin (for details, it's better to check in advance, then there will be no surprises at the airport).

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